Dave Petri


Outdoor Industry Leader in Marketing and Sustainability


Proven Strategic Leader

Accomplished Marketing Professional

Recognized Sustainability Expert

Active Outdoorist


Proven Leadership and Expertise

I am an active outdoorist with a personal passion for outdoor recreation advocacy and public lands protection. My career has been heterogeneous but resulted in 30 years of proven leadership capability in directing diverse and creative cross-functional teams to achieve success. With my distinctive set of career experiences, I offer a dynamic perspective and strong strategic vision to any organization - especially to those looking for marketing or branding expertise.

Currently, I am the founder and principal consultant at Cynosura Consulting. My unique background includes a career in the Navy and a variety of industries working for both public and private companies. Most recently, I worked in the outdoor industry, where I am recognized and as an industry leader and a highly regarded marketing and sustainability professional.

In Central Cascades - Washington State

In Central Cascades - Washington State



Dave Petri is an outstanding leader in the outdoor industry. Dave is universally respected and sought out by a broad variety of members of the industry for thinking through challenging situations facing our industry. Dave took the leading role in engaging the industry to better support and engage with veterans, both in the industry and to help make the outdoor industry more welcoming and available to veterans.
— Stacy Bare - Principal at Bare, LLC and Producer / Founder at Adventure Not War

Big Bend National Park

I’ve known and worked with Dave for many years, both when I was at REI and also with bluesign and always have found it to be positive, productive and energetic! Dave has a can-do attitude and his personality lends itself to great interaction. He is quite outgoing and personable. I appreciate the way he embraced sustainability and has become a champion of the cause.
— Kevin Myete - Director of Global Brand Services at Bluesign Systems

Yellowstone National Park

I’ve been in the outdoor industry for 25 years and have worked with hundreds of people during that time. Dave ranks at the top of the list of people I most admire and respect. They guy is good at what he does, strike that...he’s great. He has an innate ability to see, know, and understand the 30K foot view, and then be able to efficiently transfer that down to the micro level - with clear actionable items that generate results.
— Pete Eshelman - Director of Outdoor Branding at Roanoke Regional Partnership

Pilot Mountain State Park

During our time working together, I watched Dave expand the reach and awareness of Farm to Feet through a number of marketing initiatives, including both conventional and digital marketing. He knows the value of community-level marketing and building engagement through both major targeted national campaigns, but also grassroots marketing.
— Simon Donato - Co-Creator of Boundless TV, Author The Boundless Life, Founder Stoked Oats, Founder Adventure Science

North Cascades National Park

David is extremely organized. He is diligent at planning and executing projects as well as managing groups to complete projects successfully. He has great insight into managing sustainability and is very dedicated to making sustainability part of an everyday routine both personally and professionally. He would make a positive addition to any team.
— Gina Ross - Executive VP Product at Nester Hosiery

Stone Mountain State Park